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Neighborhoods in New York City seem to come and go out of fashion quickly. A hip place to live yesterday is now forgotten as a new area of NYC becomes the new housing trend. Brooklyn, Queens, and other boroughs of the city have been bouncing between being the new hot neighborhoods to cold ones over the decades for many reasons.

For real estate developers, the quest for finding the hot neighborhoods that are just rising in demand has led to many developments which have struck gold or fallen flat. However, for those who are looking at finding the right housing in NYC, the key considerations should be the rent and location to transportation. In fact, those who have followed the expanding subway lines east of Manhattan have done well in the real estate market.

For Hot Neighborhoods in NYC

East Harlem: For those who prefer to stay closer, East Harlem which runs from 96th Street up to 140th that is east of Fifth Avenue is probably the place to go. The prices for homes are quite reasonable and its one of the few places in the city to find a good deal. There is some new luxury development, but it is the history and colorful neighborhood filled with cafés, restaurants, and excellent shopping that makes it a gem.

Flatbush, Brooklyn: This old neighborhood is seeing new life thanks to an influx of new residents taking advantage of the reasonable rental properties and new developments. Bounded by the Long Island Rail Road tracks to the south up to Parkside Avenue in the north, Flatbush is a well-established neighborhood that offers great shopping and plenty of other amenities.

Rockaways, Queens: Most people associate the Rockaways with surfing and hitting the beach, but thanks to the subway it’s less than an hour from Lower Manhattan which is bringing new life to this area. The beaches and more relaxed atmosphere has brought many young professionals and their families to this location. It helps that the new development is reasonably priced, especially the condos which are now rising in this neighborhood.

Sunset Park West, Brooklyn: The Sunset Park area in Brooklyn that runs along New York Harbor from Bay Ridge in the south up to Greenwood Heights is becoming a hotbed for new renting opportunities. The attractive prices combined with the pre-war buildings that have been refurbished have created a hip neighborhood full of coffee shops and café culture. The current redevelopment of the area along with reasonable rents is only bringing more people to this picturesque part of the city

It is true that these four neighborhoods will not stay in demand for long. The reasonable rates, excellent location, convenient transportation, and wealth of shopping, eating places, and entertainment will mean that many will flock to these areas in NYC. However, for every neighborhood in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and so forth that falls out of favor, there will be new ones that become hot because of lowering rent prices and an abundance of things to do.

Thanks to the concentration of people earning a high income, many of the services and products in New York City are cheaper than what you would find in many other parts of the country. The concentration of people earning good income leads to competition which keeps prices low.

The one exception is housing and the high rent that NYC residents pay is a reminder that not everything in the city is cheap. Today, everyone who rents in NYC is paying on average more than almost anywhere else in the nation and it keeps getting more expensive. There are several reasons for this phenomenon and it is the combination of circumstances that keeps allows for high rent to be maintained.

Falling Crime Rate

Improved Amenities & Services

Job Opportunities

These are the basic reasons that New York City has become a more popular place to live over the past two decades. The crime rate has essentially been cut in half, this has led to an explosion of businesses offering more items and better services. And, that has led to more job opportunities in the city. However, these are not the only reasons why the high rent exists.

Lack of Supply

Arguably the most basic reason is that housing simply has not kept up with demand. With the influx of new residents, there are simply not enough apartments, condos and homes that are available. The combination of being on an island and the tough building codes and regulations have made new housing construction difficult. The result is that there are simply more people looking for places to rent than places that are available.

More Seasonal Homes

One interesting reason why rent has gone up is the strong increase in seasonal or occasional use homes, which has skyrocketed from less than 1 percent to nearly 2 percent. That may not seem like much at first, but it represents homes that are not being sold, but instead rented for seasonal or occasional use which has left fewer homes available for year-round rental.

Attractive Living Conditions

Despite the high rent, there are many who are still moving to NYC because of the concentration of attractive amenities such as the many restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, and bars that make it a great place to live. For those who earn a high-income, New York City is a very attractive place to live with little concern about the rental conditions. However, for those who do not earn a big salary, being close to the many amenities the city offers is no substitute for the price they must pay for renting.

New York City is not alone when it comes to limited housing and rising rents as places like San Francisco are seeing the same conditions. The relatively high pay for many jobs has helped to alleviate some of the high rent issues in NYC, but not all of them. The struggle to get new housing built combined with fewer current spaces on the market means that rent will keep rising for the foreseeable future.

If you live in a New York City apartment building, you might be familiar with temporary walls. In fact, pressurized walls NYC residents are familiar with may also include homes, commercial buildings, and facilities. The value of pressurized or temporary walls is such that they provide a considerable number of uses in New York City and any community where space is at a premium.

What are Temporary Walls NYC?

This is a wall that is installed into an existing room. Unlike permanent walls which become a part of the structure, these temporary versions are put into place and then “pressurized” so they fit against the floor, walls, and ceiling without causing any surface damage. This means that they stay in place just like a permanent wall, but can be easily removed with no damage to the room itself.

Pressurized walls are quite popular in New York City and other urban areas where space is at a premium. In apartment buildings for example, a larger room can be sections off into two rooms which provides for another tenant in the building. This means with another person sharing the rent, yet still retaining some measure of privacy, the number of rooms can be effectively expanded in a single apartment building.

It’s little wonder that the use of such walls has exploded across New York City and the rest of the US. For many, it is the most economical and practical solution to adding more tenants.

Uses of Pressurized Walls NYC

In addition to providing for more tenants, there are other valuable uses for temporary walls that make them a great choice for residents and businesses alike.

Turn One Room into Two: For couples that are adding to the number of family members in the home, a pressurized wall turns one bedroom into two. This is a simple way to maintain privacy without having to make an expensive renovation to the home. It can also be removed once they leave the home so you can use the room for another purpose.

Repurpose Rooms: For residents and businesses that have one room that is too large for the purpose in which it is being used, changing it to two rooms offers greater flexibility. For businesses, this means adding new office space, work or manufacturing rooms while residents can create the den, reading room, or home office they have always wanted.

Additional Storage Space: You can create a specific storage space that keeps your items out of sight. In this manner, you effectively create an additional room inside the home so you can keep more items stored. You can create small room, such as a closet for coats and clothing or a larger room to keep items safely hidden from view.

Keep in mind that all additions are temporary so they do not affect the value of the property itself. You can have the temporary walls removed at any time and they will not leave any indication of their presence. That way, you can preserve the value of the home, building, or facility while making the additional changes that you want.

Free Standing Wall

Free Standing Wall

Why Use Temporary Walls?

In New York City, housing is at a premium with so many people living in such a relatively small area. Apartments prices are skyrocketing and the need for space has increased considerably over the past few decades.

Given the cost of new apartment and residential buildings, making the most out of the available space has become a premium. This is where temporary walls or pressurized walls provide a solution for construction, apartment managers and residents, and house owners for providing more space at a low, affordable cost.

What are Temporary Walls?

The temporary walls NYC apartment managers, residents, and some home owners are familiar with consists of building a wall inside an existing room without doing any damage to the floor, walls, or ceiling. The wall itself is solid and placed along the studs of the surrounding walls, but is pressurized so that it stays in place.

Because the pressurization holds the wall in place, there are no nails, glue, or other products used to keep the wall in position. Plus, the pressurized walls NYC residents are familiar with cut down on the passage of sound just like permanent walls. And, they are seamless enough that many cannot tell that the wall itself is temporary.

Once the need for the temporary wall has passed, it can be removed quickly and there will not be a trace of its existence left which protects the value of the property.

How Temporary Walls NYC Work

The benefits for apartment and home owners is obvious as adding a new room means getting a new tenant which increases the income the property generates with relatively little expense and no damage caused to the property itself.

Temporary wall NYC

In the construction industry, a temporary or pressurized wall offers considerable benefits in creating new rooms from larger ones that provides options in the construction or renovation of existing properties. For example, a home owner that wants to create two rooms from one normally faces the risk of lowering the property value.

However, pressurized walls mean that a new room can be created without doing any damage and be removed if desired for a new owner of the home. The solutions that temporary walls provide are such that they offer those in the construction and renovation industries a powerful, desirable alternative when adding new rooms to apartment buildings, condos, and homes.

Plus, there is a significant cost savings when using this type of wall which may remain in the building for many years. For those who are considering adding a room by dividing up a larger space, the practicalities of using a pressurized wall offers substantial benefits with no downside. The wall is real, it blocks out sound, and is strong and durable just like a permanent wall.

For apartment and home owners, temporary walls NYC residents are very familiar with offer a way for tenants to add space for an additional renter which helps make the most out of providing income for their property. In construction, pressurized walls NYC businesses use provide additional options that can be changed based on needs without undue expenditures.

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